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dohw74 Department of Health – National health policies, guidance and campaigns
ddocs-smweb Devon Doctors putting patients first – dial NHS Devon 111
FASTw74 FAST – By diagnosing the possibility of stroke before reaching hospital, it is possible for appropriate referral to a stroke unit to be made as quickly as possible
healthcare-commissionw74 Healthcare Commission – The Commission is the independent regulator of the NHS in England and it publishes a range of information on the quality of services provided by the NHS, including annual performance ratings for all NHS trust
medic-directw74 Medic Direct is a new health information site aimed at UK public and practitioners
medinfow74 MedInfo – provides free and easy-to-understand medical information and advice.
nhs-choicesw74 NHS in England – Health information for England only, including how to find a local service in your area
patientukw74 Patient UK – The aim of this website is to provide non-medical people in the UK with good quality information about health and disease
western-locality-ccg The Western Locality – shares the same vision as NEW Decon CCG, which is: Healthy People Living Healthy Lives in Healthy Communities.