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Dr Macready will be leaving the surgery at the end of September to go onto pastures new. We would like to wish him well in his future endeavours. Andrea Smyth has retired after 20 years of being the practice manager. We wish her well in her retirement and welcome Samantha Richards as Office Manager.

As of 1st October Adelaide Street Surgery will be merging with St Levans Road Surgery. So what does this mean for you as a patient? At the moment nothing at all, you will still receive the same high standard of care here at the surgery. However this doesn’t mean in the future there maybe slight changes to cope with the increase of demand upon the surgery but we will of course keep you updated via the newsletter and notices within the surgery.


It is not cool to be hot and burning. Your skin can be irreparably damaged and leaving the skin unprotected in the sun can cause to skin cancer, as well as sunburn and sunstroke. Just walking around town in a T-shirt or shorts exposes the skin to the harmful effects of ultra-violet radiation. Children are particularly susceptible. So be wise. Use a good sun cream with a very high Sun Protection Factor (SPF), recommended SPF is 50 and make sure that it is correctly applied so that it gives the protection against the Ultra-violet. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Wear a wide brimmed hat — very important for children, and wear loose fitting clothes which cover the shoulders and arms, particularly at the hottest part of the day around 12 noon.

Sunburn hurts you.
Skin cancer can kill you.


Did you know as much as £5.5 million is wasted each year in Devon on unused medicines?

The same amount could pay for approximately:

  • 730 heart bypass operations
  • or 1,000 hip replacements
  • or 2,235 knee replacements
  • or 10,720 cataract operations

You can help us use this NHS money in Devon more wisely:

  • Look at your supplies – order only the items that you need.
  • Listen to the advice from your doctor, nurse or pharmacist and take all medicines as instructed on the label.
  • Tell your doctor, nurse or pharmacist if your medicines are not agreeing with you or you have stopped taking them.
  • Using the counterfoil of the prescription, tick only the medicines you need, and remember “tick in haste – medicines waste.”
  • Open your bag of medication while at the pharmacy. If you have item(s) not requested, or surplus to your needs for the next month, please return these before leaving.

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