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Dr Ellen Loopstra has announced her retirement after being with the surgery for 23 years. Dr Loopstra has been a valued asset to the team here at Adelaide Street Surgery and she will be missed greatly. She intends on taking 4 months off and then becoming a locum where hopefully she will come back occasionally and help us if we are in need of GP cover.

For those of you who know Dr Loopstra well, you will be aware of the fundraising she has done over the years for various charities. With this in mind she has asked for donations instead of gifts. She is planning on raising money for an African Animal Charity. Reception will be organizing a collection from the staff here at the Surgery, if you wish to donate to the collection you are more than welcome.

I am sure you will join us in wishing Dr Loopstra a long and happy retirement.


Hay fever is caused by an allergy to grass or pollens. Common symptoms are a runny and itchy or blocked nose, sneezing, itchy and watery red eyes and an itchy throat. In some cases only nose symptoms occur, and in some cases only the eye symptoms occur. The commonly used treatment options for hay fever are antihistamine tablets. These are available over the counter at chemists and supermarkets. Other treatments are available on prescription for severe cases. If you suffer from this condition and have had prescriptions previously you may not require to see the Doctor. Ask the reception if you can order a prescription.


We would like to welcome Anita Large our new Healthcare Assistant to the team and also Nicola Sadler our new receptionist.

I hope you will make them feel welcome.


Just a reminder that surgery hours are Monday 8.30-6pm. We are closed from 12.30—1.30pm. Any phone calls outside those hours will direct you to alternative services. Children’s Surgery is by appointment every afternoon from 4:00pm for acute illnesses only. You can book an appointment on line or order your prescriptions on line.

Please ask reception for information.

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