Our Pharmacist

Tony Perkins is our Pharmacist.

Repeat Supplies of Medicine

To provide a safe and speedy service all prescription are computerised. If you are taking regular medication a printout of all your drugs will be attached to your prescription. When you require a repeat prescription please submit the printout by hand to the Surgery or by post, indicating the items you require.

Please allow at least 72 working hours for a Repeat Prescription. Requests must be in writing, by repeat slip or by email – [email protected] 

If you would like us to post the prescription back to you please enclose a stamped addressed envelope and allow one week.

For safety reasons requests cannot be accepted by telephone as this may lead to mistakes. Some drugs have similar names and an error may easily occur.

Drug Names

Our policy is to use generic names wherever possible. Many companies produce the same product under different brand names. Generic names avoid confusion and are included in all labelling in smaller print under the brand name.

Do you pay for your Prescriptions?

Prescriptions are free for:

  • Men and women over sixty
  • Pregnant women with a valid maternity certificate
  • Children under sixteen or up to nineteen in full-time education
  • Mothers of babies under twelve months
  • People who receive income support (check list on Form P11 from Social Security or Post Office)
  • People with family credit
  • Certain chronic conditions

If you are not entitled to free prescriptions, a ‘season ticket’ may save you money. This is a pre-payment certificate, please ask Reception for details.

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